1464 Gangetic Dolphins : Half of the country’s dolphins in the Ganges, Gandak, Ghaghra rivers of Bihar.

DolphIns in Bihar

Half of the country’s dolphins in the rivers of Bihar,

Total of 1464 Gangetic Dolphins in the Ganges, Gandak, Ghaghra rivers of Bihar.

DolphIns in BiharBihar has half the number of galactic dolphins in the country. There are a total of 1464 Gangetic Dolphins in the Ganges, Gandak, Ghaghra rivers in Bihar. They are not counted in the Kosi and Mahananda along the tributaries.

Bihar Chief Wildlife Protector PK Gupta said that there are a total of 1048 galactic dolphins in the Ganges River. There are 298 between Buxar to Mokama and 750 between Mokama to Sahibganj. It has 22 galactic dolphins from Patna’s Gandhi Ghat to Fatuha. Apart from this, there are 155 Gangetic Dolphins in Gandak River and 125 in Ghaghra.

If calculated in other rivers scientifically, this number will increase further. There are about 3500 dolphins left in the world.Gopal Sharma, Additional Director-in-charge of Bihar, Zoological Survey of India, said that Project Dolphin will also help in enriching the biodiversity of the tributaries associated with the Ganga, Gandak, Ghaghra, Kosi and Mahananda rivers of Bihar. The creatures found around these rivers, including gharial, tortoise, and udder will be conserved. There will be purity in the water of the river. The use of pesticides and chemical fertilizer will be reduced in the farming being done in the rivers of the rivers including the Ganges,Plan to develop domicile.

Like the Tiger Project, there are plans to develop habitat sites for the protection of dolphins. The only Vikramshila Gangetic Dolphin Ashrani of the country is in Bihar. It is 60 kilometers long. In Bihar’s Gandak river can be declared asylum zone. It is known that due to the efforts of the Bihar government, on 5 October 2009, the Central Government declared the Ganges dolphin as a national aquatic animal.

Bihar has been conserving the galactic dolphin since 1990 AD. For its conservation, Dr. RK Sinha created the first project. Project dolphin will increase sanitation in rivers with dolphin habitat.

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