12 new flights from Patna airport to start from today

12 new flights from Patna airport to start from today

Six pairs of new flights will start from Patna Airport from Tuesday. The airports administration has released a new winter schedule on Monday, which will be effective till 31 December this year.

With this, the number of flights operating from here will be 100 (50 pairs). 44 pairs of flights are already operating from here. In the new schedule effective from Tuesday, there are 3 new flights of IndiGay, 2 of Gae Air and 1 of Spice. These include 2 for Delhi, one each for Mumbai, Pune, Calcutta and Bengaluru.

Direct air service from Patna for 13 cities as before

As before, direct flights will be available from Patna to 13 cities of Delhi, Calcutta, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Jaipur, Amritsar, Guwahati, Varanasi. Flight to Pune has been operating since November 10 and is also in this schedule.

Changes in the timing of some aircraft in the new schedule
  Now the first flight for Mumbai has departed from Patna Airport at 3:45 am.
This is a new flight. First flight is at 5:40 am for Delhi and first flight at 5:45 am for
Bangalore. The timing of some aircraft has changed in the new schedule, though it is a minor one.
IndiGay's maximum 40 flights
Of the 100 flights whose schedule has been issued, 40 flights (20 jade) are for IndiGo
while Spice has 32 (16 ja), Gae Air 16 (8 ja), Air India 8 (4 ja) and Vistara's 4 (2 Jadei)
are flights.
New flights time table

Airlines- Sector- Arrival- Departure

-Indigo 6E 761 / 762- Mumbai-Patna-Mumbai - Morning 3am - Morning 3:45 pm

-Indigo 6E 2763/2764 -Delhi-Patna-Delhi- 12.35 PM -During 1: 05 PM

-SpiceJet SG 757 / 756- Pune-Patna-Pune -Dohar 1.30 pm -Dohar 2.05 pm

-Gay Air G8-515 / 515- Hyderabad-Patna-Kolkata- 2.30 pm - 2 pm

-Gay Air G8-150 / 158- Delhi-Patna-Delhi - Doha 3.40 pm - 4.20 pm

-Indigo 6E 792/793 -Bengaluru-Patna-Bangalore- 10.45 am - 11.15 pm



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