Cold will rise further in Bihar, coldest with minimum temperature, record for 49 years broken


Cold will increase from 28-29 November

According to the meteorological department Patna, it is expected that the westerly wind will resume after four days. There is a western disturbance over Rajasthan, the effect of which will be seen in Bihar and the cold will increase here. However, the shivering condition will come around mid-December.

Year Tempreature In November

2018   9.6
2017   8.9
2016   11.7
2015   10.5
2014   8.4
2013   9.8
2012    8.7
2011    11
2010    11.8

Here, after breaking the 12-year record in Patna, the minimum temperature improved slightly and reached 10 degrees. This is due to the wind coming from the Bay of Bengal. Till now, due to moving west, the snowfall in the western states of Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal etc. was impacting Bihar. For the next four days, the minimum temperature will be 10 or slightly higher. On Tuesday, the day temperature also improved due to the blossoming sunshine in the day and it was above 27 degrees. On Monday, it had reached 24.4 degrees. According to the meteorological department, the north-west wind was blowing at a speed of 20 to 25 km for the last two days. Who was bringing cold with her. Since Gaya is a hilly region, due to this the effect of colder air was more there and on Tuesday morning morning, the temperature dropped to 6.5. Due to the weakening of the wind coming from the west and moving east wind, there was some relief from the cold in some parts of the capital Patna and Bihar on Tuesday. However, Gaya broke a 49-year record in November. Gaya’s minimum temperature reached 6.5 degrees on Tuesday. This is the lowest temperature in Gaya since 1970. On 29 November 1970, the minimum mercury in Gaya was 6.6 degrees.

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