“Yamraj” dancing with Poisonous liquor in Muzaffarpur – 47 died

liquor death muzaffarpur

कांटी शराब मामले में पुलिस ने आरोपी मुखिया प्रत्यासी सहित कई लोगों को हिरासत में लिया। हिरासत में मुखिया प्रत्यासी नीरज कुमार, अनिल ठाकुर व नितेश कुमार शामिल है। जिला पुलिस की टीम इलाके में ताबरतोड़ छापेमारी कर रही है।

मुजफ्फरपुर में जहरीली शराब पीने से चार की मौत, तीन की हालत गंभीर, SHO समेत 3 पुलिसकर्मी निलंबित


  • Four people died due to spurious liquor in Bihar’s Muzaffarpur
  • After Bettiah, Gopalganj and Samastipur, orgy in Muzaffarpur
  • 47 people died of spurious liquor within a week in four districts

Sandeep Kumar, Muzaffarpur
In Bihar, the process of death due to poisonous liquor has not stopped, but it has increased its scope. After Gopalganj, Bettiah and Samastipur, liquor ended the lives of five people in Muzaffarpur. Taking action in the liquor case, Kanti police station head Kundan Kumar, watchman Nagendra Paswan and watchman Mohammad Islam were suspended.

Now the orgy of poisonous liquor in Muzaffarpur
Another person has lost his life in Kanti police station area of ​​Muzaffarpur. So far five people have died under suspicious circumstances. Family members say that everyone has died due to spurious liquor. The condition of many people is serious. They have been admitted to a private hospital in the city. The deceased have been identified as Ashok Rai (50) and Sumit Kumar alias Gopi (28), Dilip Rai (50), Mohammad Shahzad (50) and Ramsikil Rai (65).

Muzaffarpur news: The search for the rest of the 45 arrested, liquor traders came

The father-in-law of the chief candidate was also among the dead.
The relatives of the deceased told that Dilip Mukhiya is the father-in-law of the candidate Chittaranjan Kumar. After getting information about the incident, there was a stir in the police department. IG Ganesh Kumar, SSP Jayant Kant and Excise SP Sanjay Kumar reached the village and questioned the family members. The relatives of the two deceased are not saying anything yet and their bodies have been cremated. At the same time, Jayantakant, while confirming the death of two people, said that the team led by DSP West Abhishek Anand is investigating. The issue of spurious liquor has just come to the fore. Police is investigating on all points.

Panchayat election connection of poisonous liquor scandal
Panchayat elections are going to be held in Kanti block on November 15, it is feared that liquor was distributed in the area in view of this. The incident, which took place just before the panchayat elections, has made the police sleepy. Information has been received from the sources that all these people became ill after drinking local made liquor and then suddenly four people died. Some people also told that many other people are also involved in drinking alcohol. Therefore the death toll may increase.

Bihar News: Poisonous liquor havoc in Muzaffarpur, there was a stir after the death of 5, know what the SSP said?

In a week, 48 people died due to spurious liquor
In the case of death due to alcohol, the authorities have so far confirmed only 13 deaths in Gopalganj, while 21 people have died. So far 16 have died in West Champaran, however, the officials have confirmed 14. Whereas, in Samastipur two more people died in the case of poisonous liquor. The death toll here has reached six. These are the figures of deaths for just one week. Now Muzaffarpur has also been included in this. Where five people have died.

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Poisonous liquor dancing as ‘Yamraj’, so far 5 have lost their lives in Muzaffarpur, Nitish government in Sansat/

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