Holding Tax Rate of Munincipal corporation, Muzaffarpur

Road Type Construction Utility Rate(Rs.)
Principal Road RCC Residential 18
Principal Road RCC Commercial 48
Principal Road RCC Other 36
Principal Road Asbestos Residential 12
Principal Road Asbestos Commercial 36
Principal Road Asbestos Other 24
Principal Road Thached Residential 6
Principal Road Thached Commercial 18
Principal Road Thached Other 12
Main Road RCC Residential 12
Main Road RCC Commercial 36
Main Road RCC Other 24
Main Road Asbestos Residential 8
Main Road Asbestos Commercial 24
Main Road Asbestos
Main Road Thached Residential 4
Main Road Thached Commercial 12
Main Road Thached Other 8
Other Road RCC Residential 6
Other Road RCC Commercial 18
Other Road RCC Other 12
Other Road Asbestos Residential 4
Other Road Asbestos Commercial 12
Other Road Asbestos Other 8
Other Road Thached Residential 2
Other Road Thached Commercial 8
Other Road Thached Other 4

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