Students of BSEB Bihar Board exams are persecuting the fear of falling behind the students of CBSE board, know the reason

Students of BSEB Bihar Board exams are persecuting the fear of falling behind the students of CBSE board, know the reason

Bihar and CBSE board announced exam dates

Bihar and CBSE board have announced the exam dates. As of the dates, the candidates of CBSE board 10th and 12th will get the opportunity to prepare, but the Matric and Intermediate students of Bihar board will not get much opportunity to prepare. In such a situation, students are worried that their result will not get affected.

CBSE examinations will start from May 4 and will run till June 10. From January 4 to ninth to 12th classes will start. In this way, students of CBSE will get four months time to study. At the same time, intermediate examination of BSEB will be from February 1 to 13 and matriculation examination from February 17 to 24. Classes will start in these schools also from January 4, but they will get only one month to study in schools. Even in this month, due to the maximum limit of 50 per cent of students in a day, these students will not even get a chance to do class every day.

30% reduction in CBSE course

This time the CBSE board has cut the children’s curriculum by 30 percent. That is, only 70 percent of the syllabus will be asked questions. At the same time, there is no cut in the course at BSEB. That is, questions will be asked from the entire course. In such a situation, students are afraid that their numbers will come down due to fewer classes and questions from the entire course, so they do not have trouble due to enrollment in graduation or due to low number in future. Students Tanushree and Rahul said that there was no class in the lockdown. They did not have the means to study online. There will be trouble in this situation. Ankit also said that how will he take the exam, when he has not been able to study yet.

Teachers said, there may be trouble ahead

Mrigank, a mathematics teacher from High School, Mamalkha, said that the result will definitely be affected. Teachers’ union leader Akhilesh Kumar said that there will be trouble in further classes. CBSE board will fall behind the students. Their syllabus should be reduced and time should also be increased.

What will you do three months after the exam

Akhilesh Kumar said that if the CBSE board exam is held in May, then enrollment in graduates in colleges will be from the same time and studies will be done from that time. But if the examination of the students of Bihar Board ends in February, will they also wait for four months to enroll in graduation. In such a situation it will be difficult for them to pass this time.




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