Many veterans, including India and America, came closer to the Corona vaccine, know where the preparations have reached?

Covid 19

All the countries around the world are currently passing through the havoc of Corona. Governments of all countries are taking innovative steps to overcome this deadly virus, but the only permanent solution is vaccine. For this reason, all eyes are set on the Corona vaccine. All countries are working vigorously in this direction. At the moment, America is seen at the forefront of this race.

There have been three trials of the US Pfizer vaccine and it has proved to be effective up to 95 percent. At the same time, the American Modern Vaccine has also proved to be 94.5% effective. The UK’s Oxford vaccine has also proved to be very effective in trials. Let us tell you how the country is preparing for the vaccine-

Covid 19

Covid-19’s first vaccine will be launched in the US next month

Pfizer’s vaccine, the most effective vaccine known to eradicate the corona virus, can be vaccinated next month on December 11-12. American pharmaceutical company Pfizer has developed the vaccine in collaboration with Bioentech in Germany. Let us know that the vaccine produced by Pfizer is effective up to 95 percent and is the first such vaccine that has released the results of the third phase trial.

Modern vaccine in the final phase of trial

Another American company Moderna’s Corona vaccine has also yielded positive results. This vaccine has been found to be effective up to 94.5 percent. The vaccine is in its third round of trials. For this storage, cold chain temperature of -20 ° C will be required to be maintained. India is also in touch with the Moderna company for this vaccine.

India also engaged in the race to manufacture vaccine

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