Inspire people to celebrate Chhath at home: DM

Cahat Puja

In Ambedkar Auditorium, Dr. Tyagarajan SM and SSP Babu Ram held an online meeting with all the Subdivision Officers, Deputy Superintendents of Police, Sub-Divisional Police Officers, Block Development Officers, Circle Officers and Police Station at Ambedkar Auditorium. The District Magistrate informed about the guidelines issued by the government regarding Chhath Mahaparva and directed all the COs and Thana Heads to follow it. He said that in the year 2020 Darbhanga district was affected by floods and excessive rainfall.

There is still a lot of water in many rivers, ponds and ponds where Chhat Ghat is being built. Even the slightest negligence can cause loss of life. He held a meeting with the local worship committee, civic committee and organizers to encourage all the people to make Chhath Puja by making maximum number of people at their home. In spite of this, if you go to Chhathwari Ghat So all must go on wearing masks and follow social distancing and sufficient quantity of sanitizer is available at Chhat Ghat. He instructed all BDOs and civic bodies to campaign in their respective areas through three-three vehicles to motivate people to organize Chhath Puja at home. Directed all the COs to ban dangerous ghats by putting red flag there and directed Disaster Management in-charge and Deputy Director Public Relations to put up the banner of guidelines issued on Kovid-19 at Chhath Ghats. He instructed all COs to conduct barricading at Chhat Ghats in such a way that people could not take a dip. He said that according to the guidelines issued by the government, no community feast, prasad or bhog should be distributed on the occasion of Chhath festival. People over 60 years of age, children below 10 years, people suffering from fever and other diseases should not visit Chhath Ghat. On this occasion, no fair, Jagaran, cultural program will be organized. He directed the deputation of the NDRF and SDRF team as well as divers at all sensitive ghats. Instructed to take special precaution on Harahi Pokhar, Diggi Pokhar and Sixth Pokhar. He instructed the District Disaster Management Officer to provide a bright colored T-shirt for the divers, which is written with red color diver. He asked all the sub-divisional officers, sub-divisional police officers to follow the instructions. SSP Babu Ram said that after meeting with the organizers of the Chhath Puja celebrations in collaboration with the CO, the police station should inform them about the guidelines issued by the government and encourage them to organize Chhath festival at home. Apart from this, if people come to the ghats, then the use of masks and social distancing should be ensured for them. Barricating should be done at Chhat Ghats and instructed to provide list of sensitive and overcrowded ghats to all police station heads. He said that the list of ghatwar divers should be kept in the police station along with the mobile number.

Cahat Puja

If divers do not come, the organizer should make an alternative arrangement. He instructed to keep boats, life jackets, towing and tubes near large and sensitive ghats. He said that firecrackers have been banned at Chhath Ghats,

Therefore, all firecracker shops should be closed. All police in-charge will take care that Jagran, Mela or food stalls are not started anywhere on the occasion of Chhath festival. On this occasion, concerned officials were present along with Municipal Commissioner Manesh Kumar Meena, City Superintendent of Police Ashok Kumar Prasad, Assistant Collector Priyanka Rani, Deputy Director Public Relations Nagendra Kumar Gupta, Sadar SDO Rakesh Gupta, Sadar SDPO Anoj Kumar, Special Executive Officer Ajay Kumar.

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