City council e ngaged in cleanliness of the city’s Chhath Ghats

City council engaged in cleanliness of the city's Chhath Ghats

The city council has been involved in the cleanliness work of all Chhath Ghats in the city. In this order, cleaning of Jagdambanagar Chhatghat, Pathri Ghat Chhatghat, Utwari Pokhara Chhatghat, Sagar Pokhara Chhatghat, Bus Stand Chhatghat, Harivatika Chhatghat, Shivalaghat Chhatghat was done on Thursday. Along with cleaning work done by the employees of the city council, the rugged soil is also being equalized. So that the Vratis who reached the Chhath Ghats could not have trouble. At the same time, other devotees who reached with the fasts could not get into trouble. Nearly half a dozen Chhath Ghats of the city were reviewed by Deputy Chairman Qayum Ansari and City Manager Rajiv Ranjan Singh.

Along with this, the charge in-charge cum cleaning inspector Mo. Tabrez and Zuloom Sah were also present. The Deputy Chairman said that it is the effort of the city council that any devotees who reach the Chhat Ghats should not face any trouble. He said that lime and bleaching will be sprayed at these places as soon as the cleaning work is completed. The water of the ponds will also be cleaned. The Deputy Chairman said that the Ghari in-charge has been instructed to clean the access road of Chhat Ghats also. So that the people around do not have trouble in reaching the place of worship. Along with this, waste garbage is being taken up rapidly from all the street mohallas of the city.




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