Bird Flu in Muzaffarpur 2021 – 70 Bird found Dead in Sakra – Be Alert!!!

Bird Flu in Muzaffarpur

Bird flu knocked in Bihar, 70 chickens killed in Muzaffarpur

MUZAFFARPUR Bird flu has gradually increased its scope in many states of the country and now big news related to Bihar is coming out. The fear of outbreak of bird flu has also increased in Bihar. After the death of a large number of chickens in Muzaffarpur, it is now discussed that even within the state, bird flu has taken entry. About 70 chickens have died in Saraiya block of Antrimuzaffarpur. Chickens have been found thrown in Phedi Tilak Pakri Chaud of Madhol Panchayat. Considering the possibility of bird flu, there is panic in this entire area.

The District Animal Husbandry Officer has formed a Quick Response Team to investigate the bird flu. The team has taken the heads of the dead chickens for investigation and all have been dug under the soil, and how the death of the chickens will be known only after investigation, however all will be buried under the soil Has been given so that dogs or other animals do not eat them. If that were the case, there was a possibility of an outbreak.

The District Animal Husbandry Officer has informed that some response teams have been formed in the district for immediate investigation of any information of bird flu. The animal husbandry officer of all the blocks has been instructed to inform about the killing of chickens. Now the investigation of the Sirum report is being awaited, only then it will be confirmed whether the matter is of bird flu or not.

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