Before giving sweets to your loved ones during festivals, make sure that there is no adulteration on your sweets!!

Before giving sweets to your loved ones during festivals, make sure that there is no adulteration.

Shopkeepers selling adulterated goods have become very active these days regarding Deepawali and Chhath festival. Packets of food items or sweets with gleaming wrappers have started getting decorated in shops. In this festival, everything should be pure, it is not necessary. Such foods are harmful for health. So, by identifying non-standard items, shop for any kind of sweets.

This is how to identify fake goods

There is adulteration of water, urea, detergent etc. in milk. To identify it, mix the same amount of water in ten mL milk. If foam is produced in it, then understand that milk is adulter ated. To check the adulteration of water in milk, drop the milk on smooth surface. If water is found, it will move fast without leaving any trace, while pure milk will move slowly. If such milk is rubbed between the fingers for identifying the synthetic milk, it will keep slipping like soap. If it is heated, it will turn yellow.

How to identify pure mawa or paneer

Take small amount of mawa or paneer and boil it in water. When cold, add a few drops of iodine to it. If starch is mixed, then its color will go to blue. Silver paper is used for decoration over sweets. However, adulterants impose its poor quality by damaging the intestines and damaging these organs. Other ingredients including semolina, maida are used when making sweets. Such packaged sweets should be avoided.

Complain here

If you want to complain about any kind of non-standard substance, you can file a complaint with the Central Authority within 21 days. Apart from this, there is a provision to complain in many agencies including the Consumer Forum.

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