Anand mela in Muzaffarpur

Mddm students cooking foodIn Anand mela MDDM students was enjoying to much .
In MDDM on Saturday the students as well as teachers were not reading  or teaching but enjoying the day.They all was in one mood that Anand,Anand……and Anand…. .It was the day of funfair as Gupteshwar pandey in the college of MDDM then all the girls was going to show or serveout their dishes against Gupteshwar Pandey.

Not only food there was any other things to show against Gupteshwar Pandey as Jewellery,Madhubani painting ,books,Computer.ADGP had told that all the students were doing very good job and he talked to some members of MDDM college and then going to his own way.

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