3rd Chance for Muzaffarpur to be in Smart City List

smart-city-muzaffarpurYet another chance for Muzaffarpur to be Smart City

Muzaffarpur has already lost the two opportunity to be a Smart City. we got failed on the standard criteria set for to be smart city. Muzaffarpur Nagam Nigam failed in making public involvement and making better project for the city. well, for the third and final time, Nagar Nigam of Muzaffarpur has got this opportunity to prove it.

News is coming from the office that this time Nagar Nigam will text all the citizens of Muzaffarpur to make them aware , so that citizens must involve themselves to be a better Muzaffarpur. Previously there was less voting by the public, so this time Nagar Nigam is making lots of publicity and advertisement, even 96,000 phone numbers have been asked by ESSEL Electricity Company .

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