231 Crore for Sewerage and Drainage System in Muzaffarpur – Smart City Project Initiative

Sewerage and Drainage System of Muzaffarpur

Sewerage and Drainage System of Muzaffarpur

Muzaffarpur-Smart City Project

Sewerage and Drainage System

121 kilometer drainage and 88 kilometer area in sewerage system.

Mithanpura to Bela including Fardo & Khabra along with Area Based Development (ABD) will have facilities.

Working method Sewerage and Drainage System of Muzaffarpur

  • Will connect the drainage of the house with the sub line
  • Waste water from sub line will connect to main sewerage pipe.
  • Main sewerage pipe will connect to ATP.
  • Treated water will be further used and rest water will be disposed outside town.

Merits of Sewerage and Drainage System of Muzaffarpur

  • You didn’t have to construct Septic Tank in Muzaffarpur.
  • Those who will have septic tank will not have bother of cleaning it.
  • Waste water treatment from ATP will be used in Garden, Cleaning and supply to Railway and other work.

Sewerage Pumping station in Muzaffarpur

After Centering Sikandarpur Mann the whole concept of Sewerage system and Storm water Drainage Project will work. Three Sewerage pump station will be constructed Near MIT, Sikandarpur Mann (Vacant land of RCD and PHED) and Juran Chapra.

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