2014 lamps were burned for Namo as a PM of India

Namo in Muzaffarpur Narendra Modi MFP
Namo in Muzaffarpur Narendra Modi MFP

Chandan Kanti resident of Shahpur village untimely Diwali celebrated on Sunday . Bajrang Bali sandalwood priest of the temple of Shiva and his devoted himself to Narendra Modi . Narendra Modi and the Bajrang Bali with that of Shiva worship .

Modi are deeply in tune . The country’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi want to see . So sandalwood Sunday evening lamp burned in 2014 . The temple complex are organized in large numbers to see other villagers were collected . Of these, about forty people collaboration sandalwood burning lamps when all lamps were burning was made ​​after seeing the beauty of the temple complex .

Modi took a picture of the poster outside the temple premises . Light a lamp on it , Bring Namo wrote . Modi for PM not only lamps burned . There was a prayer and ritual . Sandalwood 30- year-old devotee of Shiva and Hanuman . Both established in the village deities are combined temple priest three years . From time to worship – Text of the city while living in a medical store – bread for the five thousand a month to work on .

Chandan says , a year ago , the BJP Narendra Modi as PM candidate was declared , but was beginning to talk about . During this time he sat on a day of worship . Narendra Modi suddenly awakened love in our hearts . We hear about Modi in Gujarat are deeds . How they have developed their own state . Soon after, I started worshiping Modi .

Then my love for Modi been rising steadily . When the sound was announced rally in Patna only had in mind . Tattoos by Modi to go and meet his adorable . I went to Patna , but the serial blasts Kyahis to meet Modi could not be completed . Modi has no qualms to get Muङo , but I was emboldened . We are convinced of this , one day we will surely meet Modi . By the grace of Lord Shiva and Bajrang Bali Modi, the BJP will win in this election . He will surely be prime minister .

Villagers also sandalwood , feel their passion for Modi . They say , sandalwood saying . Modi is different from other supporters . 72 -year-old villager Ram Sah said Bless , lamps burning enthusiasm of an entire village . Narendra Modi is supporting a large section of the village . Similarly, the 65 -year-old Bharat Shah says Namo followers sandalwood . They want to see him as prime minister . There is no obstacle for it in God’s temple – believed to be hundreds vows lighting diyas . BJP vice-president Pranab Bhushan said business platform sandal inspired Sah is a view of the event .

Village – the village will have a similar atmosphere . Forum Chandan Kumar Nitish Kumar Modi Munchun and Vikramaditya ‘s incredible love . Camp at his call . Events were shocked . Namo we also decided that the ‘ Lamp Light – Bring Modi ‘ campaign will be launched .

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