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Muzaffarpur News: पंचों का शर्मनाक फैसला; 50 हजार लो और लड़की की दूसरी शादी कर दो लेकिन लड़के को छोड़ो Muzaffarpur News: मुजफ्फरपुर के सकरा पंचायत में पंचों ने अपना फैसला सुनाते हुए लड़की वालों से कहा है कि 50 हजार रुपए लो और यह रिश्ता यही खत्म करो औरContinue Reading

Muzaffarpur witnessed strong support in form of Human Chain Formation all around the city, The school children all over the road and formed a longest and largest chain ever ever and ever. Photography were done from the Satellites and Helicopters. see the video inside and have a glimpse of that.Continue Reading

Congrats Suresh Sharma – एक बार फिर सुरेश शर्मा विजेता Hope Muzaffarpur will be smart city soon…….. Here is the statics of the votes party wise candidates in Muzaffarpur, leading suresh sharma and trailing with Vijendar Choudhary. BJP Candidiate got 94595 votes and Bijendra Chaudhary got 65159 votes. In the 2010Continue Reading

An Initiative have been taken to make the complete town a wifi town. The Nagar Nigam has got the proposal, now only the technical passing is necessary. The Member of parliament has also shown interest in this and also guaranteed for some fund. Well its a matter of Joy. TheContinue Reading