Smart Prepaid meter is now available in Bihar – First State to implement

Prepaid meter will also get electricity bill

Smart prepaid electricity meter Across Bihar

Bihar is becoming the first state in the country, where smart prepaid electricity meter bill will also be available. The meter will give complete details of how much electricity has been consumed on which day. More than 15 million consumers in the state are to be given smart pre-paid meters in a phased manner.

Presently, smart pre paid electricity meters are being installed in a dozen Mohalla’s of the capital Patna and in two dozen cities of the state. Apart from this, electricity meter companies have requested customers to provide their mobile number and email ID while installing the meter so that the bill can be sent to it.

People will get electricity bill in the first week of every month. If a customer does not have a mobile, then he can go to the nearby power company office and collect the bill. Apart from this, to promote smart pre paid meters, the company has also decided to give a three percent discount.

Consumers will start getting benefits of this facility from April 2021. The money in this meter will get one day after the end of the money and even after that if the bill is not deposited, then the electricity will be cut automatically and after recharging, the electricity will come automatically.

The company is also benefiting from installing smart pre-paid meters. Before the installation of smart meters at Dalsing sarai in Samastipur, there used to be an income of 22 lakhs, but now revenue of 97 lakhs was recovered from the same consumers. It is believed that if smart meters are installed all over Bihar, then the loss making power companies will make a profit and in the future people will be provided more cheap electricity.

Consumers will get these benefits

  • Get rid of electricity bill problem
  • Get rid of bill collection
  • The meter will be turned on and off
  • People will recharge according to consumption
  • Prepaid meter will run through mobile


  • People will be able to bill on mobile or from company office
  • Company taking mobile number and email ID to bill

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