Nitish Kumar said – Bihar will develop on the lines of Champaran

Nitish Kumar

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar reached the Agricultural Market Committee of Chanpatia on Thursday to inspect the newly launched startup zone. Here he saw the industry put up by people returning to lockdown. Seeing this, he was thrilled. On the occasion, he said that industries will be developed across the state on the lines of Champaran. Industries have been set up in the market committee premises here, this is a better initiative. Said that I have instructed Chief Secretary Deepak Kumar to develop industries in other districts of the state in a similar manner. People in other districts are also keen to set up industries, they should show Champaran as a model.

Earlier, the Chief Minister inspected 49 stalls in the market committee premises. Stopped at each stopper and inquired about the products. He encouraged the people who set up industries. Said this is a better initiative. Land will be made available to you by the government. The government will also help you in ordering and sending goods. If there is any kind of problem, meet the DM directly. They will help you in every way possible.

CM said that now no one needs to go out of the state under compulsion. It is their right to go out voluntarily. Those returned in lockdown were kept at the Quarantine Center. His skill was learned from there. We have added a new provision in the industrial policy. Those who come from outside will be helped to start work here. In many places, people have started work. But I was happy to come to Chanpatia. Work is being done by making a center here. Finished goods are also being sent outside the state and the country. Work has started properly in West Champaran. The new industrial policy provides that the government will provide space to those who need space.

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