Nagar Nigam , Muzaffarpur

Muzaffarpur is a city, and a municipal corporation in Muzaffarpur District in the Indian State of Bihar. It is headquarters of the district.The city of Muzaffarpur, famous for Litchis (a fruit found only in a few locations in the world), is a vibrant city of North Bihar. It is situated on the banks of a Himalayan glacier-fed perennial river Burhi/Budhi (Old Female) Gandak. It has won international encomiums for its delicious Shahi Leechi and China Leechi.
Mahatma Gandhi came first to Muzaffarpur in 1918 on his way to Motihari to redress grievances of the Champaran farmers. In his book The Story of My Experiments with Truth, Vol 1, he has written how he passed some delightful days at Ramna. In 1902, Poet Rabindra Nath Tagore was accorded the first civic reception by the citizens of Muzaffarpur and this is the first town in India which had a unique priviege of doing so. In 1908, the first bomb outrage a sign of militant Nationalism, occurred at Muzaffarpur and Khudi Ram Bose offered his life at the altar of the Indian Independence.

Muzaffarpur is India’s Gateway to Nepal and China and even now the trade of cloth and grains is brisk between Kathmandu and Muzaffarpur.The most remarkable thing in the Lichchhavi Republic was their high regard for personal liberty and the care that no innocent should be punished . The key to the success of the Lichchhavi Republic was their democratic way of life which was enshrined in their “Seven non-injuring way” or “Satta Aparihanidhamma”.

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