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Muzaffarpur Now

Well, healthy competition is always allowed, But in small towns like Muzaffarpur, people are becoming so crazy that they are creating and publishing websites. Recently I got an interaction with the Domain ““. At the time of this post the Website was under construction, but it is now need to say that, people of Muzaffarpur are highly competitive, hope will help Muzaffarpur. Earlier we witness the website of MuzaffarpurSweetCity which is a static page about the History of Muzaffarpur.

Well, Muzaffarpur now, as it refers will be a instant news website of Muzaffarpur, hope so, more updates will be updates after the launch of website. As they have created the tagline “Muzaffarpur Now : Its all about Muzaffarpur”. The E-mail under this website is : [email protected] and phone number is +919707642625.Muzaffarpur Now

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