Two Water Parks at Muzaffarpur – Raj Water Park and Water Valley


water park muzaffarprWater Park soon to be in Muzaffarpur

Bihar Makes a Splash with Two New Water Parks: Raj Water Park and Water Valley Park

Beat the Bihar heat and make a splash at two brand new water parks that have recently opened their doors to the public!

Raj Water Park in Nariyar promises a thrilling and refreshing escape for families and friends. While details about the park’s attractions are still emerging, a YouTube video hints at exciting water slides, a wave pool, and other fun features [YouTube video on Biggest Water Park in Muzaffarpur].

Water Valley Park in Sherpur Muzaffarpur is another exciting addition to Bihar’s water park scene. News reports suggest it may be the state’s largest water park, boasting a variety of water rides and attractions suitable for all ages. With its opening expected in May 2024, anticipation is building for what Water Valley has to offer [YouTube video on Water Park Muzaffarpur].

Both Raj Water Park and Water Valley offer a welcome escape from the summer heat, and their arrival signifies Bihar’s growing leisure and entertainment options. With more information likely to emerge soon, stay tuned to discover which water park will be your perfect destination for a day of splashtastic fun!

water park Nariyar Muzffarpur water valley water park sherpur muzaffarpur

‪Hello, Every one, Water Park going to be open shortly. Enjoy and have fun with water.

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  1. Is this true guys or not that aqua water park is going to open(august) in muzaffarpur near lichi national research centre.Either this is a fake news.Kindly confirm with news snapshot.

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