water park muzaffarprComing Soon In August 2016

Aqua Water Park soon to be in Muzaffarpur

                            Project is on the way 😊

‪Hello, Every one, soon Aqua Water Park going to be open shortly. Enjoy and have fun with water.
‪#‎Entry_Cost‬:  100 ₹; Per ‪#‎People‬..For ‪#‎Couple‬’s ‪#‎Entry‬ : 150 ₹; & ‪#‎Per‬ 10 #People’s on ‪#‎Free_1_People‬.

Address - Rohua Chowk Jail Chowk - Mushari Block Road 
Near National Research Center On Litchi.Bela Eyes Hospital by pass road.

Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/AQua-Water-Park-Muzaffarpur-514353685375458/

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  1. Is this true guys or not that aqua water park is going to open(august) in muzaffarpur near lichi national research centre.Either this is a fake news.Kindly confirm with news snapshot.

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